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  • Examine the nature of leadership and authority in a culture of nationalism in diverse groups and institutional life; 

  • Explore the development of collective dynamics, overt and covert, in group settings, and examine the influence of such dynamics on the life of the group-as-a-whole and on individual group members; 

  • Learn about the interplay between, among and across group differences and the exercise of authority and leadership;

  • Explore how differences, i.e., ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, race, age, political affiliation, religious beliefs, etc., influence how you take up your authority and how you may be authorized in groups and organizations as well as how these differences influence how you authorize others; 

  • Examine the concepts of boundary, authority, role and task as they relate to the work of diverse groups and organizations; and

  • Explore the application of conference learning to situations in your work, family, organizational or social life. 

















Who is the conference for?


For anyone who is interested in how they and their groups / teams / organizations can work better:

Participants are business professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, executives, CEOs, researchers,administrators, activists, academics, students, consultants, 
facilitators, therapists, trainers, clinicians, service providers, decision-makers, etc.  

From the worlds of business, government and local authorities, the arts, law, media, consultancy, armed  forces, emergency services, education, finance, politics,  
NGOs, co operatives, criminal justice, religious orders, community groups, lobby groups,trade unions, associations and environmental organizations,etc.  

Participants come from all sectors, levels, career stages and backgrounds and from all over the world.