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A.K. Rice Institue for the Study of Social Systems

The A.K. Rice Institue for the Study of Social Systems (AKRI) is the sponsor of this conference.


For 50 years AKRI has helped individuals and organizations understand the complexity, beauty, power and importance of groups. Its mission is to support and advance the studuy of group relations through educational initiatives. For more information visit us on the web at www.akriceinstitute.org

ISPSO’s common purpose is to explore how contemporary psychoanalytic thinking can further our understanding of organizations and the wider social influences that impact on them. Their international membership consists of consultants, academics, clinicians, coaches, managers, leaders, students and others who are active in applying psychoanalytic frameworks to inform their work. This diverse mixture of members enables a very rich exchange of ideas, best-practice, theory, knowledge, experience and consultation, managerial and coaching methods that apply psychoanalytic thinking to the workplace.  They come together each year in a different international venue through our Annual Symposium, which is open to ISPSO and non-ISPSO members.  For more information go to the ISPSO website URL: www.ispso.org