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Conference Events


There are three plenary sessions within the conference: Conference Opening, Organizational Event and Conference Discussion. The conference opens in an introductory plenary session, attended by all staff and members. The Conference Discussion provides an opportunity for all members and staff to reflect on the conference experience together. These plenary sessions are not intended to focus on the “here and now,” rather they provide a space for collective review.


The Small Study Group:

Each member is assigned to a Small Study Group with one or two staff consultants. This event provides members the opportunity to study their own behavior as it occurs in the here-and-now in groups of 8-12 members with consultation from one or two staff members. It also provides opportunities for members to explore both the overt and covert factors influencing behavior in small groups and to explore how conference members take up personal, as compared to delegated authority. Consultant(s) will provide consultations when it is believed they will advance the group’s learning. 

The Large Study Group:

All members of the Conference and a team of consultants comprise the Large Study Group. This event provides members the opportunity to study dynamics in the here-and-now that may occur in large assemblies or in crowds or mobs, where face-to-face interactions are limited. It also provides opportunities to explore both the overt and covert factors influencing behavior in groups and how members take up personal authority. The consultants will offer consultations in the here-and-now when they feel an intervention will advance the learning of the group. 


Organizational Event:

This event provides members different opportunities to learn including an opportunity to create their own groups, to take up formal and informal leadership and followership in those groups, to experience staff in administrative, management as well as consulting roles, to study the relationships between and among subgroups as they interact with one another within the Conference institution and to consider the meaning of these relationships and interactions for the institution as a whole. During this event the staff conducts its work in open session as one of the subgroups within the institution. Members also have the opportunity to continue their exploration of delegation and authorization, roles and representations, boundaries and their management, and other issues related to the interaction of working subgroups within the entire conference as an organization. 


Role Review and Application Group:

Each member is assigned to a group with the task of reviewing her/his experience of roles taken within the conference. The Role Review and Application Groups are not “here and now” events, rather they are smaller groups with one or two staff members who will facilitate their work in reviewing and reflecting upon their conference experience and in beginning to apply their learning to the complexities of their lives outside of the conference. The relationship between roles taken in the Conference and roles in one’s personal and professional life may also be examined.